Greece's Country Risk Essay

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Richmond, the American International University in London INB 304 COUNTRY RISK ANALYSIS OF GREECE “Is it a useful destination for investments knowing it is facing a severe economic downturn?” ID: F065308 New PowerCampus ID: 000-01-0721 Class number: 14 Instructor: Professor Mamad Pourhosseini Date: 14/04/2011 Word Count: 3000 Contents Page Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Literature Review 4 Methodology 5 Key Issues and Analysis 5 Political Risks 5 Government Stability 6 Quality of Bureaucracy 6 Corruption 6 Financial and Economical Risks 7 Background 7 Fiscal Issues 8 Government Spending 8 Labor 8 Discussion 9 Future Research Suggestions 9 References 10 Abstract: Investing in a country is not the easiest process. It should thereby be studied carefully especially when it comes to the country’s risks. Risk is the possibility of investing in a country, dependent on changes in the business environment that may adversely affect operating profits or the value of assets in a specific country. Political, economical and transfer risk are the main elements in determining risk when it comes to Greece especially. The aim of this paper is to analyze the risk of investments in the country of Greece, and whether or not investors should or should not consider Greece as a useful destination for business, despite the huge amounts of debts covering it. Is there still hope for Greece to reduce the amount of risk invading the country’s ability to function? The paper analyses the political and economical risks in Greece; political issues such as governmental stability, corruption, and the quality of the bureaucracy. Economical risk analysis focuses on the

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