Greatest Miracle Essay

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Sept. 11, 2012 I AM GREAT AT GREAT I consider myself to have many good attributes. Of course, along the journey of life, I have become not so good at some and have learned to acquire new ones. The attribute that separates me from others in my circle is my loyalty at helping others. I am great at being kind, humble, and respectful. Despite the type of relationship I may have with the individual, I am very good at helping anyone. Ever since I can remember, I have always had people be mean and deceitful to me. As a teenager, I would change the way I dressed, talked, and even walk just to try and fit in with any crowd. I just wanted to have friends because I knew I would be a great friend in return. As I grew past my teenage years, I found myself somewhat still doing the same as when I was younger, but I had become more outgoing with everyone I came across. Fitting into a certain set of girls wasn’t as important to me as before. I simply decided to just be friends with everyone no matter how they felt about me. I just wanted to like everyone. Now in my mid-thirties, what others think of me doesn’t affect me. Sure I have feelings, but I don’t want to live my life pretending to be someone else just to make a friend. Instead I have chosen to be myself and just be kind to everyone. I just want to be good to people and hopefully one day it will make an impact in someone’s life. I just want to continue being good at being great so that I may be the greatest to someone one

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