Great War Essay

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The Great War being the first true global war saw a call to arms from many nations. All the fighting was generally contained in Europe countries. Russia and America took it upon them to form alliances with Britain and France to stop further expansion of Germany. England entered due to Germany breaking the treaty of London while Belgium was a neutral site, Germany invaded Britain then decided to defend Belgium and France because it had lost a previous war to Germany and sided with England. Germany wanted to become the dominant power “The Germans navy was an effort; for the Germans, it was a logical step in their expanding ambitions (Tignor, 709).” Furthermore, several European nations then entered mostly based on which side they thought they could gain the most from. The Americans contributed to the allies by providing troops, large amounts of supplies and monetary aid at a critical time which tilted the balance in the allies favor. Americans claimed they were neutral but still supplied weapons. Germany decided to attack merchant ships and America was quickly involved in the war. “On April 2, 1917, the United States declared war on Germany (Tignor, 714).” The great depression was one of the consequences when Americans’ stock market collapsed due to the Great War.” Its cause went back to the great war, which had left European nations in deep debt as they struggled to rebuild their economies and pay off debt (Tignor, 719).” Germany invaded Belgium and other European countries, further extending its control over the European continent. They were the starting party of the war. “In July 1918 the Allies turned the tide at the second battle, forcing Germany to retreat into Belgium (Tignor, 714).” Moreover, Germany fell into a succession; the allied blockage fell into a food shortage since trade was no longer going on. Many people went into the war expecting a short

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