Great Train Robbery

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What was the Story about The Great Train Robbery? The great train robbery had made in 1903 by Edwin S. Porter. The story started when two masked robbers enter a telegraph office and force the station's telegraph operator to stop an approaching train. Through the window of the station, the train is seen coming to a stop. They knock the operator out with a blow to the head. They tie his legs together and his arms behind his back and leave him on the floor. The robbers also place a gag around his mouth. They quickly move outside to catch up with the train. The robbers hide behind the water tower near the station as the train slowly pulls up and takes on water. The two robbers have succeeded in effecting an entrance. They enter carefully. The messenger opens fire on them. A desperate gun contest takes place, in which the messenger is killed. While one of the robbers stands watch by the door, the other one tries to open the strong box. When he finds it locked, he unsuccessfully searches the messenger's pocket for the key. To open it, he attaches an explosive to the safe and then runs for cover after lighting the combine. They grab the valuables and three mailbags, and leave the car through the door leading to the locomotive cab, while the train is running and the train uncoupled. The robbers force the passengers to leave with hands up, and line up along the tracks. One of the robbers covers them with large guns in either hand, while the others search travelers' pockets. A passenger makes an attempt to escape, but is instantly shot down. The robbers command the locomotive’s driver to start his machine, and disappear in the distance. The robbers stop the locomotive several miles from the scene of the `Hold Up,' and take to the mountains. The robbers left with the horses during this scene we jumping through inside the telphraph office that the operator tries struggle to

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