how to be a great pass rusher

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In order to be a great pass rusher you will need many physical and mental talents. Strength and speed are things that you most definitely need, but you also need to be smart and have good technique. Our coach said “this game is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical because if you are not mentally prepared and don’t know what to do under certain circumstances you could very well cost your team a touchdown or maybe even a game”. The main purpose of a defensive end is to contain the quarterback on passing plays and making sure the running back doesn’t get outside of you on a running play. There are 3 different positions where you could line up on the person farthest out on the offensive line. Usually it is a tight end, split end, or an offensive tackle. The 3 positions depend on your defensive schemes; like a linebacker blitzing from the outside or inside of yourself. Let’s say he is going to blitz inside; you would like to be the farthest outside of the last person on the line, and vice versa if he blitzes from outside. Another factor in deciding where you line up is what side is the strong side. With the majority of the offensive players on the other side of the field you would line straight up or on the inside of the most outside player. If the offensive players were lined up on the majority on your side of the field you would line up on the outside shoulder of the player you are head on with. Here are techniques on how to rush the quarterback and contain the running back. I’ll start with my favorite the push-pull, which is pretty much what the name says. You start out by pushing the person in front of you backwards, so they are stepping backwards. Then you pull, you just grab onto his jersey and yank it down towards the ground so he would fall. Usually they will fall on their face or grab you to keep from falling which would result in a holding penalty;
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