Great North American Essay

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Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to discuss Joe Salatino the President of Great Northern American Corporation. Over 20 million dollars in office supplies is sold to these companies. The items provided by this company come as small as a paper clip to as large as office furniture. Mr. Salatino brought in new jobs within the community. The employees are able to gain valuable experience and self-esteem for the major accomplishment in their career and finances. Joe ensures the consumer near and far have their office needs met as quickly and efficiently as possible. Joe Salatino the president of Great Northern American provide great services to over 60,000 companies as well as well job opportunities with the prospects of advancing their pay along with experience. The president of the company was concerned about the types of office products that were in high demand to ensure his company was able to meet them. It was his policy to ensure that his customer did not feel pressure to purchase unnecessary supplies and that they were more than just a name or number. The employees were trained on how to make the customer feel important such as how to read up on some information on what is taking place in their town or community. This paper discussed the process in selecting salespeople and how the stress in learning their job can cause a small number of employees to give up within a short period of time. Is it possible some of these employees would have stayed on and gained confidence to become a great salesperson if they were paired up with a veteran employees for a period of time? What type of alternative is provided to those employees who are unable to handle the stress when it comes to self-start selling and the intensity of stress that comes with the job? How the employees were prepared the upcoming challenge or stress they are require facing in order to become a
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