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Preposition Of Time Main Preposition of time * At At is used with clock times, periods of time and refers to somebody’s age. * At lunchtime * At the weekend * At the age of 23 * Additional information: at + particular time: dawn, midday, noon, night, midnight, nine o'clock etc.. at + the + a particular time in a week/month/year: start/end of the week/month/year, weekend. at + calendar festival season: Christmas, New Year, Easter etc. at + meal: breakfast, lunch, mid-morning, tea, dinner, supper etc. * In In is used with:- 1. Parts of the day, months, seasons, years and centuries. Examples: * In the morning * In May * In 2005 2. To talk about things that will happen at the end of a period of time. Examples: * I’ll be back in an hour/a week/ a few minutes. 3. To refer to the length of time something takes * I read the book in four hours. * We got back in twenty minutes. * Additional information: in + the + a part of a day: the morning, the afternoon, evening. in + month: January, February, March, April, May etc. in + season of the year: Spring, Summer, Autumn.. in + specific year: 1988, 1989, 1990 etc. in + the + a specific century: nineteenth century. in + historical period of time: the Dark Ages, Pre-historic Times. * On On is used with days and dates. Examples: * On Monday * On 12th October * Additional information on + day of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. on + particular part of a day: Friday morning, Saturday afternoon on + particular date: 25 July 2001, 4 January. on + calendar festival day: Christmas Day, Palm Sunday. . Other prepositions of time i. BEFORE Example: Call me before ten o’clock. ii. AFTER Example: I’ll see you after the match. iii. BY (=not

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