Great Irish Famine Essay

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The Great Famine The Great Potato Famine was a huge disaster that would change Ireland forever. The people in Ireland were extremely dependent on potatoes and when the disease came, the economy went down. When the fungus attacked the potato crops slowly crop by crop throughout Ireland, people began to lose their main source of food. With the people in Ireland’s huge dependency on the potato, people began to starve or get sick from the potatoes. No one had any food to eat. The potatoes were black inside with molds throughout that came from the fungus from something in nature. The weather that brought the disease also was one of the causes because they could not control how the weather was bringing the fungus. Ireland was under the British government and did not help Ireland when they needed Britain. The aftermath of the Great Famine was not only a huge drop in population, but emigration, and much more. One effect of the Potato Famine was emigration. There are no real reliable population figures before 1841, but estimates have been made as far back as 1700 (based on Hearth Money Returns). Figures have shown that Ireland’s population rose slowly from 3 million in 1700 to 4 million at the end of the 18th century. By 1841, the population had reached 8.2 million but the population would have leveled off to 9 million if it wasn’t for the Famine that began in 1845. Between 1815 and 1845, 1.5 million Irish emigrated mainly to Britain and North America. Of the emigrants who went to North America, majority of them settled in Canada. Between 1825 and 1830, 128,200 Irish immigrated to North America, 61% of which went to Canada and 39% to US. After the famine, population loss was eminent throughout Ireland besides three towns. Belfast, Dublin and Cork managed to increase their population during the majority of the famine. This was partly due to an influx of famine victims
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