Great Gay Marriage Debate Essay

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Gay marriage has been a battle in the works for many people in the United States since its mass emergence in the past few decades. The struggles that homosexuals face comes down to the conceptual dilemma of whether or not the social order imposed should be broken so it is allowed for homosexuals to gain the freedom they deserve to marry those they love. This controversial topic has been one to gain the acknowledgment of government through the decades, becoming a focal point for politics. It has brought conservatives and liberals to the forefront of a heated debate over the definition of marriage and who gets to partake. Conservatives would prefer to keep the norms as they are, making the tradition of marriage stay prominently between a man and a woman. Liberals on the opposite end of the spectrum view marriage as a freedom that all Americans deserve, not just the heterosexuals. Homosexuals should have the right to marry, it is a freedom that they deserve and have a right to take part in. In this paper, I will discuss the controversy over gay marriage and where it lies between politics, rights, and beliefs that people have. In America, individuals have the right to vote for whomever that person would like in office. People vote for a candidate whose ideals mirror their own; if people want a candidate who will protect their social order, well chances are if the majority wants that candidate, they will have him. In 2008, half of the Democratic Party was opposed to the idea of gay marriage. This number has declined to 29% today (The Pew Forum, 2012). Though this is a great change among Democrats, the Republican Party still lingers behind; coming from 19% in 2008 to barely 24% today (The Pew Forum, 2012). Out of this nations fifty states, only eight allow gay marriage, while thirty-one have constitutional amendments completely banning it. This problem has brought

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