Great Gatsby Essay Tom and Gatsby

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In the Great Gatsby, the characters of Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby are more alike than they appear to be. However, they also share some differences too. Tom and Jay are both enamored by Daisy. Tom is married to her, while Gatsby believes the love they once shared hasn’t disappeared. Also, although Gatsby acts madly in love with Daisy, neither he nor Tom really loves Daisy. One of the greatest differences between Tom and Gatsby is that Gatsby is much more pleasant than Tom and Tom is more egotistic and controlling than Gatsby. Gatsby and Tom get by in life throughout the story by using many people. Gatsby and Tom both use other people through the book as Gatsby’s goal was to find Daisy again. Gatsby found out that Nick knew Daisy and became friends with him in order to find out more about Daisy. Knowing Nick gave Gatsby the opportunity to invite Nick and Daisy over for tea. Tom, on the other hand, uses people’s wants, thoughts, and feelings as a way to find his own comfort and happiness. Both Gatsby and Tom are also extremely rich. Though their money was acquired in different ways, the same result of wealth has been achieved in both cases. Tom Buchanan is old money for he got his money through inheritance and family. Gatsby, on the other hand, made his money through hard work, though not legally. Both men have secret affairs as Tom has an affair with Myrtle Wilson and Gatsby with Daisy. These men differ on how they treat women. Tom believes the man of the house can fool around with other women, but the woman isn’t allowed to. Tom shows this as he has an affair with Myrtle Wilson but, He has no plans to actually leave Daisy for Myrtle, but feels no guilt in cheating on Daisy with Myrtle Wilson. Tom is contradicting himself when he thinks that Daisy and Gatsby might be an item, he gets very angry with Daisy, and obviously shows that he does not expect her to
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