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The Great Gatsby 1. Compare and contrast Gatsby and Tom. How are they alike? How are they different? Tom is portrayed in an extremely negative light throughout the novel; is this fair? Tom and Gatsby are each others love rivals in the book, they both vie for Tom’s wife Daisy whom Gatsby met before Tom and fell in mutual love with. However since Gatsby went to war, Daisy married Tom and it is clear that they have or had strong feelings for one another despite Toms extramarital affair and Daisy’s. The actions of the book show the moral difference between Gatsby and Tom, Tom is portrayed in a negative light, for an example bringing up the racist book by Goddard (Though this may have been more acceptable in the 1920’s) and being very open about his affair with Myrtle. Gatsby however is shown more positively even though he represents everything that Nick, our narrator, is not. Comparing Tom and Gatsby it becomes obvious how different they are. Tom was born to wealth and expects thing to go his way, he is domineering and a bit of a brute, this is shown when he physically attacks Myrtle in chapter 2, when she challenges his alpha male attitude. Gatsby on the other hand is calm throughout the novel and does not steep to Toms level of physical violence, this makes Tom seem like a savage, especially since he is representing the attributes he characterize other races with. They are however alike on one point, they both take Daisy’s love for granted, The negative portrayal of Tom is fair in the way that it stem from the perspective of the author, and he can do whatever he wants to do with his characters, it is the readers own choice on whether to condemn Tom for his actions though compared to the time this novel was written in, his actions would mainly be seen as negative, I, however, am quite sure that the author was very deliberate in making Tom unappealing, to

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