Great Gatsby Classism

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The Great Gatsby. An American Classic. A book that has been required as high school reading in many areas and has had multiple film attempts at capturing its mystique, intrigue and intricate character interactions that ultimately lead to heartbreaking tragedy. This years release of the Great Gatsby took another stab at it and with producers and music attached to it such as the recording artist Jay-Z and big name actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Mcguire, with sets and costumes to visually stimulate, the nail was hit directly on the head. So if I could have just a second of your time, I’ll be going over the literary aspects and significance of the film in a refreshing way to those familiar with the typical regurgitation of Great Gatsbys…show more content…
Love drives the heart of the story. Nicks love for his cousin and his new found friends. Gatsby’s love for Daisy, Toms love for Daisy as well as his woman on the side, Myrtle and of course Myrtle’s husbands love for her, which leads him to the tragic ending of the film. The Classism is clearly shown that Gatsby’s soul reason for desiring and acquiring wealth is solely to capture the woman of his dreams heart by means of showing he can continue the rich and lavish lifestyle she has grown used to while married to her rich polo player of a husband. Also shown by the poor car mechanic husband of Myrtle being happily married and in love with his woman while the rich Tom comes around to woo his wife away secretly on her desire for a more financially stable and available man in her life. As far as the dialog of the film, all these aspects and facets of the story are interwoven into a mosaic of torment and tragedy while using many of the exact words from the book and implementing language and ideas or opinions out of the characters mouths that seem true to the established backdrop of time during the romantic and insatiable Roaring
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