Great Gatsby Character Sketch: Jay Gatsby Essay

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Character Sketch Jay Gatsby is the title character. He was born as James Gatz from North Dakota. He was very poor and dreamed of becoming rich, powerful, and sophisticated. In the beginning of the book Gatsby seems to be one of those typical rich people. He’s always surrounded by beautiful people who love to party. He also finds himself in the center of all of the New York gossip. Gatsby is talked about a lot throughout the book. Rumors spread about him like wildfire. For example, a girl was having a conversation with a group and said “He’s a bootlegger; one time he killed a man who found out that he was nephew to Von Hindenburg and second cousin to the devil” (Fitzgerald 65). F. Scott Fitzgerald doesn’t even give Jay Gatsby a speaking part until Chapter 3. It makes Gatsby very mysterious and almost somewhat shady. He becomes so rich by doing several illegal and/or immoral things. For example, he gambled and bootlegged alcohol. Fitzgerald intentionally left Gatsby a mystery until the later parts of the book. Gatsby’s main goal in life was always to become rich since he was brought up poor. Later on he a more significant reason to become rich other than being raised poor. Gatsby was a military officer in Louisville when he met Daisy Buchanan. He immediately fell in love with her and everything she was about. She was graceful, charming, and luxurious. He decided he had to lie to her about his background and convinced her that he was good enough for her. She promised to wait for him while he was off fighting in World War 1. She didn’t stay true to her promise, though. She ended up marrying Tom Buchanan in 1919. At that time, Gatsby was trying to get an education at Oxford. When he found out about Daisy & Tom, Gatsby dedicated his life to winning Daisy’s heart. He bought the huge mansion on West Egg and threw parties every chance he got in hopes that Daisy would

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