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The Great Gatsby – Musterklausur The following Klausur refers to the Cornelsen edition of “The Great Gatsby”. 1. Use the text on page 136, line 27 to page 137, line 21. Characterize Nick, Gatsby and their relationship at this moment and try to identify means of characterizations used here. The passage contains examples of direct and indirect characterization. The narrator directly states that Gatsby´s sentence is spoken “apologetically”, that he looked “anxiously” at him and he says of himself that he did not “want to go” since he did not feel able to do “a decent stroke of work”, Especially that narrator himself is presented directly: his reluctance to leave Gatsby alone is openly stated. But this is underlined by means of indirect characterization: he looks at his watch to indicate that it is time to go, but he stays nevertheless; and when he finally leaves he goes “slowly” down the steps. These two gestures show the reader the inner state of Nick: he has to go to work but cannot leave because the fate of his friend occupies his thoughts and feelings. Speech is also used to characterize the relationship of the two characters. Nick promises to call Gatsby and, when his friend reacts to this promise, tells him when he will call; this underlines the importance of the call as a means of establishing contact and expression of sympathy and concern on Nick´s side. Gatsby´s anxious statement about Daisy´s (probable) call is really a question or expresses a wish; Nick´s sympathy is indirectly expressed by telling Gatsby that he also thinks that Daisy is going to call, although he knows that she never will. Nick does not tell Gatsby the whole truth (what he has seen at the end of chapter VII) out of fear to hurt him. Thus Gatsby remains in his state of empty hope. Gatsby´s speech still contains the phrase “old sport”, which is part of his Oxford image. This image is

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