Great Gatsby Essay

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The Greatest Gatz “Hero, a male character portrayed in a dramatic work” (Webster’s Dictionary) the word hero defines Gatsby in so many ways; Gatsby is the hero in The Great Gatsby. Gatsby will do anything to gain what he wishes, Gatsby has waited a very long time and now he must strike. A hero like Gatsby cannot get what he wants without help. Gatsby must gain trust and kindness from a person before he can complete what has started, and that someone is Nick. Gatsby needs Nick otherwise he cannot conquer the final land he still has not. This is the main topic that The Great Gatsby revolves around. Scott Fitzgerald has portrayed Gatsby as a hero he is and everyone believes he is. First thing about the heroism of Gatsby is that he has set everything in a top perfect order but there may be some obstacles in the road he must surpass. But he will pass them because he is the hero of Great Gatsby. This world is one that he will conquer no one else, because Gatsby is the only that may conquer his dream only him he must conquer the green light at the other side of the lake from his house Gatsby has told Nick this “Gatsby believed in the green light” (Fitzgerald 189). Gatsby did believe in the green light he believed it was his symbol for the American Dream. He wanted to conquer this to gain the prize that which is Daisy, she is what he is after she is the one he wants and needs to complete his idea of the American Dream. The only way to gain this prize he must have Nick on his side, he must use Nick to his advantage gain the truth and respect from Nick. One way of doing this is using his manipulative girl, which is Jordan to put Nick more on the side of Gatsby. Jordan is very uneasy she is Gatsby’s little henchmen who tries to get Nick on Gatsby’s side "Suppose you met somebody just as careless as yourself I hope I never will.... I hate careless people. That's why I like

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