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Troy Call Mrs. Vogt AP English- Period 2 Gatsby Essay 26 March 2014 Great Gatsby Difference Essay In 1974, movie director Robert Redford had redirected The Great Gatsby based on the novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. F. Scott Fitzgerald drafted this novel of the American dream in 1925; during first year on the market, the novel experienced many mixed reviews and only sold 20,000 copies. With a hope in reviving the tale of Jay Gatsby, Robert Redford decided to base his movie by following events that occurred in the book; however, it included many differences opposed to the novel. Redford’s screenplay had failed to include the green light which resembled Gatsby’s hope for a relationship with Daisy, created a different age for Pammy, and also forgot to include the importance of the seasonal change towards the end of the novel. In the novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald was able to create a symbolic meaning with a tiny green light that resembled the hope Gatsby had to obtain a relationship with Daisy. Narrator Nick Caraway states the first time he saw Gatsby was when Gatsby was peering into the distance off of his dock across the bay towards West Egg. The reader later finds out the Gatsby was looking across the bay at a tiny green light, which happened to be located off the shore in front of Daisy’s house. In the movie, directed by Robert Redford, the green light appears in few cut scenes and also lacks the significant importance that it holds in the novel. Gatsby is never found to be peering out his window across the bay at the green light, nor looking off his dock into the distance like he is described in the novel. Redford replaces this green light with a ring embedded by a green emerald. Gatsby offers to give Daisy the ring in the movie but he is quickly denied when she suggests that he should wear it instead. The ring occupied by the green

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