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Tess Dorsey 2-3 pg. Essay The Great Gatsby What is it to be a great writer? Is it to simply have a great story…or is there more? To be a truly effective writer or even just a simple story teller; you need substance. A sense of being that will draw the reader or listener in, as if they themselves were in the story, helping them to feel the surroundings of the character within the pages of the book. And having an imagistic style in the way you write it a very helpful tool. An example of this tool being used is in the novel The Great Gatsby. The Author: Francis Scott Fitzgerald exerts his strength for imagination, with contrasting moods and bubbling atmosphere, and in the end creates a resplendent tale. His story is about a misunderstood man who truly craves a fulfilled life. The way that Fitzgerald describes the characters and actions is through Nick Carraway’s point of view and the way that Nick characterizes the things and people around him characterizes him in turn. The details and characteristics given to everything are all the opinions of Nick, the way he sees everything. This helps you connect to the story better, as if you were Nick. When Nick describes one of Gatsby’s friends, Mr. Wolfshiem, “A small, flat-nosed Jew raised his large head and regarded me with two fine growths of hair which luxuriated in either nostril. After a moment I discovered his tiny eyes in the half-darkness.”(Fitzgerald pg.69), you can tell by the description given that Nick sees Mr. Wolfsheim as rat, which in turn gives us some insight on what kind of business Gatsby does with Mr. Wolfsheim. We then start to wonder and dream up what kind of man this Gatsby truly is. Fitzgerald uses Nick’s point of view to put ourselves in that position and to see Mr. Wolfsheim ourselves. He molds Mr. Wolfsheim by using physical features and comparing them to a rat’s indirectly, by describing

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