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Great Gatsby Essay In the book “The Great Gatsby”, the character Jay Gatsby is depicted as this wealthy and powerful man of the upper class. Jay Gatsby represents the American dream in the view of he was born in to a lower class family that had nothing going for them, and through hard work and determination he made it to the top, to become a powerful, rich, smart, and strong man of the upper class. Through the book, the life of Jay Gatsby shows his hard work and determination to get to the top, and how he had many trials and errors. All too conclude that in the end he did in fact complete the American dream. Jay Gatsby was born a son of a poor farmer in North Dakota in the year of, 1893. Later in his life Gatsby meets a man that rally does kick start his path way to the American dream, the man’s name was Dan Cody. Dan Cody was a rich man who liked to sail, and needed someone to watch after him when he would get drunk so that nothing bad would happen to him, so he hired Gatsby to be that man of the job. Through the years of sailing with Dan Cody, Gatsby became a very educated man by the teachings of Cody. In the year of 1915 Dan Cody passes away, and since he had made such a connection with Gatsby over the time being, he had left very much amount of inheritance in his name. Sadly Dan Cody’s wife somehow legally was able to recover all of the money too herself, and none too Gatsby leaving him penny less. The Great Gatsby Style." BookRags. BookRags, n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2013 "The Great Gatsby Summary and Analysis." The Great Gatsby Study Guide : Summary and Analysis of Chapter 4. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2013. Page 37 Page 112 Page 47 Page 91 Page

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