Great Gatsby Essay

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In the novel “The Great Gatsby”, Fitzgerald creates an interesting situation in which two characters can be viewed as the main character. Although Gatsby’s name is in the title, Nick Carraway is also seen as an important character due to the fact that he narrates the novel. Both characters play large roles in the novel and can be argued as the main character. Depending on how you view the novel, the book can seemed to be about either character. There are many reasons that support the idea that Jay Gatsby is the main character of the novel. First, the novel is entitled “The Great Gatsby”, which suggest the book is all about the life of Jay Gatsby. Second, even though Nick Carraway is narrating the novel, he is narrating the life of Jay Gatsby. This suggests that the book is about Gatsby not Nick. Nick is not telling the story of his own life, rather the life and everyday struggle of Jay Gatsby. Finally, the whole novel follows the life of Gatsby, a reputed wealthy man. It is a story of Gatsby’s struggle for love and achieving the American Dream. The novel talks of his grand parties and lavish lifestyle that he garnered through various jobs. All major events in the story involve Gatsby in one way or another. Furthermore Gatsby there would be no novel or story to tell. “After Gatsby's death the East was haunted for me like that, distorted beyond my eyes' power of correction” (Fitzgerald, 176). This quote shows the importance of Gatsby life not only to the characters, but the novel as well. Gatsby’s struggle for the American Dream is what the novel is about, and without Gatsby the novel would be empty. On the other hand, Nick Carraway’s narration of the novel can be seen as the novel being about his life. With Nick Narrating the novel, the story is shown through his point of view and not of Gatsby. This makes the novel Nick’s life story. Although Nick is telling

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