Great Gatsby Essay

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The narrator introduces the protagonist as Nick Carraway, a young man who hails from a middle class Minnesota family. He finds himself spending his summer in the East Egg New York, an upscale suburb of New York City. The houses Caraway chooses to rent is thought to be an mediocre shack compared to the mansions that surround all of East Egg. As time goes on Carraway finds himself socializing with the wealthy dwellers of the town. He attends many parties and creates a friendship with his new neighbor Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is thought to contain tremendous wealth. Growing up impoverished in North Dakota , Gatsby finally makes it big after returning from World War 1. As the story continues, Fitzgerald depicts Gatsbys is not only having a beautiful mansion but surrounds himself with affluent New York socialites. He is described to have lavish cocktail parties basically every-night. As Nick's friendship with Gatsby draws closer, he starts attending these over the top parties at Jay's mansion. After attending a few of these parties Nick's eyes open to a whole new world filled with million dollar Yachts and riding in Rolls Royce's. Spending more Gatsby, Nick notices more and more that he is not truly happy. Later that night Nick catches his eye on Gatsby conversing and laughing with a beautiful women named Daisy, whom is sought to be the wife of another East Egg millionaire Tom Buchanan. As everyone disperses Carraway finds himself drinking cocktails with both Jay and Daisy, catching on very quickly Nick recognizes there is some major flirtation occurring between the both of them. Later that night Nick questions Gatsby about the relationship among the two. Gatsby replies with an elaborate story that, years before the First Great War that Jay and Daisy were in love of each other. Unfortunately this was love was short lived, after leaving to go off to fight.

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