Great Gatsby Essay

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Tim Petriccione 2B-1 Great Gatsby Outline Intro: * Flowers are a sign of vibrant life * They can have different meanings in different situations and symbolize different things for different people. * Color, shape, and smell of flowers can evoke powerful emotions for people. * The significance of flowers in the book is shown through the numerous times they are shown. THESIS: Through the use of the floral images, Fitzgerald symbolizes the eventual demise of Gatsby’s ultimate dream of love. Body Paragraph 1: TRS: A rose in full bloom is a dramatic symbol of true love just as the withered rose is a symbol of unrequited love. TS: The life cycle of a rose parallels Gatsby’s dream as it goes from full bloom to a withering death. * “You remind me of a – of a rose, an absolute rose” (14). * Said from Daisy to Nick. Literally means that he is a special person because he is her cousin. * This shows that Daisy is capable of emotions for those she cares for. * Rose shows a special commitment of deep love from one to another * If looking through rose-colored glasses, always thinks he is going to be with Daisy, his true love. * Gatsby thinks that with all the money he has he can win Daisy back which is why he is very optimistic. * “What a grotesque thing a rose is” (161). * Nick says this even though it is what Gatsby is thinking. * Gatsby had just lost his true love and his dream of getting Daisy back. * He had lost everything. * Daisy was his rose and now his rose is horrible to look at even though Daisy signifies money and Gatsby loves money. Body Paragraph 2: TRS: Unlike roses which do not require a great deal of care, orchids are fragile and not commonly given as a symbol of affection. TS: The use of the orchid is symbolic of being fragile and unable to

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