Great Gastby Essay

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Reading log Chapters 1-5 1. “I hope she’ll be a fool ---- That’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” 2. So Nick and Tom ride the train to Mr. Wilson’s garage , we find out Mr. Wilson’s Wife Myrtle is Tom’s lover/mistress . They go, to Myrtle‘s apartment they have company over drink and socialize. Tom ends up hitting Myrtle because she keeps saying Daisy’s name and nick get on the next train and goes back to Long Island. 3. To introduce the characters to us and Gatsby and Daisy getting reunited 4. What ever happened between Daisy and Gatsby? 5. Shocked that daisy stayed with Tom even though she knew that he was cheating on her with some other women. 6. Catherine, Myrtle’s sister says “ Neither of them can stand the person their married to” referring to Myrtle and Tom’s relationship. Daisy tells Tom she never really loved him, in doing this it shows that she truly loves Gatsby. Daisy And Tom are unhappy in their marriage but don’t try to fix their problems. They are bound together by their daughter. I believe that Daisy loves Tom and Gatsby but I feel she loves and stay with Tom is because he is similar to her. 7. He uses a lot of diction , and metaphors to describe what he sees or his situation is like. Chapters 8-9 1.”They were careless people who smashed things and creatures and let others clean up their mess.” Page 179 P1 2.Gatsby tells nick how nothing happen at Daisy’s house the night before. Gatsby finally tells the nick the whole truth about himself. Gardner tells Gatsby he is going to drain the pool but Gatsby tells him not to. Nick goes to work while Gatsby swims in his pool . . Nick finds out from Michaelis that George confronted Myrtle about her affair and tells her she can not hide her sins. Wilson finds Gatsby and shoots him. Nick hurries home to find Gatsby dead in his swim pool and

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