Great Expectations Essay

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Great Expectations There are many differences between the novel and the movie “Great Expectations.” The setting was different than the book. The movie was more modern than what the book had described. In the movie there were motorboats, televisions, phones, and cars. The book did not mention any of these things, and they had stage coaches instead of cars. Estella mentioned that it was the 80’s. This displays a whole different setting for the movie. The characters personality and names are different. The sister’s name is Maggie. In the book they call her Mrs. Joe. Also, the sister has a very different personality than in the book. In the book she is described as being mean, harsh, and abusing. Pip describes her as bringing him up with a “hard and heavy hand.” (Page 8) She also always beat Pip for example, when Pip would not tell about his experience at Miss Havisham’s. In the movie, she was very kind and loving. An example of this is when Maggie calls her brother adorable. Also, the main character has a different name. His name is Finn in the movie, and Pip in the novel. Also, the old crazy lady whose husband left her at the alter is Nora, in the movie. In the movie, Nora is not as depressed and sad all the time, as she is in the book. Maggie’s husband Joe’s job is a gardener in the movie, not a blacksmith, as the book had said. These differences play a big part in the spirit of the novel. With the sister’s new attitude we do not get that feeling of helplessness with Pip, as the novel had shown us. We do not get the sense of him not wanting to come home to her raging fits. Another difference is when Finn brings the food for the convict. He does not see the second convict, and is also different in how the convict is caught. It does not specify how he was caught in the movie, but it was not how the novel described it. In the

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