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Marc Marcano Mr.Scull Honors English Period 2 May 26th, 2011 Marcano 2 Great Expectations In the modern world, there are many scenarios where people just take whats in front of them and once time goes by they realize things were not what they seemed to be. The novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens has a storyline that greatly represents this thought. There are characters such as Pip whom makes these assumptions which prove to be false. Dickens use of appearances versus reality is shown most by Pip’s assumptions of Herbert Pocket, Miss Havisham, and his expectations of becoming a gentleman. Herbert Pocket was one of the strange people Pip had come across who turned out to become one of his closet friends. Herbert was first introduced as a pale young boy whom had challenged Pip to a fight without reason at all and actually took quite a beating from pip causing him to give up(83). After a prolonged time without seeing each other, Wemmick formally introduces them and they do take a liking of each other and grow close to then realize they had fought before back in the garden of the satis house which gives an awkward vibe. Despite their awkward reminiscence, Pip does realize Herbert is one of his real friends who will be there for him no matter what. Throughout the story Pip comes along more surprises in his life. Marcano 3 Miss Havisham, a very wealthy widow whom Pip had also associated himself with was first introduced as a very evil , wicked woman to then being sympathetic and kind to Pip. When Pip first goes over to Havisham’s house after estella complains of Pip of being a common boy Havisham states, “Well? You can break his heart”(54). Her vengeful attitude carries on for a prolonged time as she tries to get Estella, virtually a clone of herself to make Pip feel as terrible as possible. Despite the hurtful words, once Pip finds out who is

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