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Does Happiness Have A Definition? What is happiness? A question asked by many philosophers around the world. Happiness is not something tangible and is abstract. Many people have many many interpretations of what makes them happy in our ever changing world. Many people look for happiness in a variety of places such as money, power, drugs, and many other tangible things but do those items really bring one happiness? That is a very recurring question in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. The protagonist of the novel is named Pip and he has trouble finding out what truly makes him happy. He grew up poor and someone decided to be his benefactor and make his life all the better but how he handles the situation really shows readers what it means to be happy. Pip tries to find happiness through his love Estella. Estella is a beautiful girl that was introduced to Pip by Ms. Havisham. Ms. Havisham made Pip meet Estella on purpose show that when they got older Estella would break his heart. Ms. Havisham was left at the altar 20 years before the current storyline which led her to have a very very great dislike for men and wanted to destroy their hearts as hers was destroyed. Pip is initially happy with Estella but she soon remembered her duty to Ms. Havisham and breaks Pip’s heart by dating Bentley Drummle. Drummle see’s right through Pip and his new life which make Pip really despise him. Estella chooses to break Pip’s heart by marrying Drummle and making Ms. Havisham happy. This is a clear cut example of one thing that cannot bring one happiness. Pip attempts to find happiness through money. A convict named Abel Magwitch became the benefactor to Pip because of a nice deed he did when Pip was still a small boy. Pip then proceeds to go on a spending spree, buying many things that one who had very little money would not buy. Pip does this because he is ashamed of

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