Great Expectations Essay

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Great expectations was written by Charles Dickens in the mid 1800s. It is set in the marshes of Kent and then later on in the city of London in the early-to-mid 1800s. The novel is all about the great expectations of Pip. Pip is the protagonist who starts of as a young orphan and receives a large sum of money from an anonymous benefactor. In this passage being discussed we see the transformations in both Pip and Magwitch’s characters. We also see how their relationship has changed since young Pip met Magwitch, the convict, at the start of the novel. In the beginning Pip is uneducated and unaware of his social class. Because of his naive character Pip was very innocent and kind. As he grew older he met people from both higher and lower social classes which had a huge influence on his personality. Pip becomes ashamed of his family and the kindness in his heart slowly disappears. It isn’t until this part of the novel, when Magwitch is dying, where we see Pips warm heart truly come back. We see this kindness when Pip addresses Magwitch as ‘dear Magwitch’ and starts treating him more like a father rather than the convict he met at the start. A more significant act of Kindness displayed by Pip is when he tells Magwitch about Estella. Telling Magwitch about his daughter, that he thought was dead, allowed Magwitch to die in Peace knowing that she’s alive and been in good hands. This act of kindness displayed by Pip is not only significant in the transformation of his character but in his and Magwitch’s relationship as well. Pip and Magwitch’s relationship both starts and ends with an act of Kindness. When young Pip meets Magwitch in the marshes he goes out of his way to bring Magwitch a file and food. When he does Magwitch refers to Pip as ‘my boy’ which foreshadows what happens later on in the novel. Looking back, after we find out Magwitch was Pips secret Benefactor; we

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