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Great Expectations Essay Compeyson followed him to affect his own escape. When Pip told Magwitch that a man with a bruised face was also on the marshes, Abel Magwitch went after Compeyson. Later, the British Troops found Magwitch in a ditch beating up Compeyson and proclaiming that he had prevented Compeyson from escaping. After many years, Compeyson heard rumor of Magwitch returning and began to shadow him and Pip. After he discovered all that he needed to know, he attempted to arrest Magwitch on accusations of returning to England against an order of Exile. However, Magwitch attacked Compeyson again and ended up drowning the man. Compeyson was the perfect image of what Dickens saw as wrong about the existing stereotype of a gentleman. Compeyson was well groomed and economically successful. However, he was corrupt to the core and was the very antithesis of what a true gentleman was. This contrast between appearances and reality is a prominent theme throughout the story. Bentley Drummle: Bentley is Pip's rival for Estella's affections. He is introduced early as Pip's roommate at the Pocket residence, but it is only mentioned that Pip is not very fond of Bentley. He is smug and very ill at ease in nature. Bentley is proud and of high social position. His character fits in perfectly with the nonsensical gentleman's club, Finches of the Grove. Because of his disagreeable qualities, Pip can not understand why both Jaggers and Estella favor Bentley. Jaggers affectionately refers to him as "Spider." When Bentley toasts Estella, Pip is furious and becomes even angrier when Estella acknowledges Bentley as a possible husband. Eventually, Bentley does marry Estella. He abuses Estella terribly and his brutal treatment of her plays a major role in humanizing Estella. He is eventually killed by a horse which he was abusing at the time. Orlick: Orlick is Pip's lifelong enemy.

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