Great Expectations Essay

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Independent Study Project “Eat, Pray, Love” “There Is Another Sky” ENG 4U-02 Mr. Rancourt Bridgit Landry August, 2012 1 A fear of the unknown is a shared emotion throughout humanity. Creatures of habit, humans are resistant to change, especially in themselves. For this reason, the emotion is even greater when the unknown is the individual’s own identity. It is the experiences of the unknown that evoke fear within an individual, while it is their choices toward these experiences that will shape this person. The novel Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert, along with the poem, There is Another Sky, by Emily Dickinson, both contain themes of self-discovery and hope. Regrets of the past, fear of the present, and uncertainty about the future, are the obstacles one must overcome on the journey to personal growth. Most will look back on certain moments in life with a feeling of regret. Things in the individual’s life may not have gone as planned. A person’s past is never filled with regret, but rather with many lessons that have brought this individual to where they are today. When dwelling in past mistakes, one is unable to learn the intended lesson. As opposed to regretting the experience as a whole, the individual should come into the present as a stronger and more self-assured person. In the novel, Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth has a life most would classify as ideal. She is married, has a big house, and is at the age to be having children. It required an intense metaphysical experience to show her that she was not living for herself. “ I did split myself into many Liz Gilberts, all of whom simultaneously collapsed in exhaustion on a bathroom floor in the suburbs one night, somewhere around the age of thirty.”(Eat, Pray, Love, pg. 153) Looking back, Elizabeth felt regret for pulling

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