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What is the significance of Pip’s first visit to Satis House? _Great Expectations is a novel written by Charles Dickens and was first serialised in All The Year Round_, a Victorian periodical owned by Charles Dickens, from 1st December 1860 to August 1961. It is a semi-autobiographical novel about the life of an orphan named Pip. It is often considered that the story is semi-autobiographical, as Dickens draws from his own experiences of life and people. Each instalment in All The Year Round contained two chapters that were written in a way to satisfy the reader. Dickens knew that he had to create an element of suspense and excitement in every instalment to keep his readers interested. In Victorian times, when the novel was first serialised, there were very few sources of entertainment, so reading a weekly magazine would have been an enjoyable form of leisure. We first see Pip as a victim of fate. We discover immediately that he is an orphan, and that he never knew either of his parents. This instantly generates a feeling of sympathy amongst the readers. Mrs Joe is introduced to us as: “My sister, Mrs Joe, with black hair and eyes, had such a prevailing redness of skin…she was tall and bony, and almost always wore a coarse apron…that was stuck full of pins and needles.” In the first part of this description, Dickens presents Mrs Joe as witch like, with her black hair and eyes. This does not create a very maternal picture in our mind. A mother tends to be characterised as a warm, inviting person. However when we hear that Mrs Joe wears an apron full of pins and needles, she doesn’t come across as a very loving maternal figure. We often picture Christmas as a happy, family affair, however the Christmas dinner in the Gargery household is a very different event. Over dinner, the general topic of conversation is how awful

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