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Great Expectations Every summer before the incoming school year, we students are required to read a book and answer questions regarding certain aspects of that book. This past summer, I read ‘Great Expectations’ written by Charles Dickens. Dickens has quite a bit of creativity in his novels and a lot of energy in concerning the themes which he holds strong to in his novels. In ‘Great Expectations’ it is betrayal that sticks out the most, as well as some separation from those who are close. Dickens as a child had similar experiences. His father had debts that he could not pay off. So his whole family, except for Charles, was sent to jail. Charles was separated from them and sent to work at a factory because of his age. It was a few years before he was finally able to rejoice with his family. Every novel’s character changes in some way as the story goes on. Some will change for the better, and others for the worst. The main character and ‘big kahuna’ of this novel is Pip. Pip’s real name is Philip Pirrip, but he shortens it to Pip to get the best of both names. Pip seems to change in both ways; for bad then for good. He fades at first for the worst but then he picked himself up for the better as he noticed what was happening. But isn’t that how we all are? Once we realize what we are doing is not the greatest thing, we try to change as best we can, to do better; to be better. Pip is a not so wealthy orphan boy raised by his abusive sister, who is about 20 years older than him. Pip is a good kid, and he wants to be the best he can. In the beginning of the novel his life is threatened so he will help an escaped convict by stealing some food and a file for the convict’s cuffs. The convict does not escape and is actually captured instead that next day while caught in a fight with another escaped convict. As the novel progresses, Pip starts to go over to a wealthier

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