Great Expectations Essay

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Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Explain How In Chapter 8 Dickens Uses Character And Setting To Make The Reader Want To Read On. Most of Charles Dickens major works were published in weekly or monthly episodes. This meant that people in 1836 who worked could buy the novel in separate instalments as an average worker only got 6-20 shillings a week which was just enough to buy food and the main stuff needed to get a family through. A full novel cost 31 shillings which was to expensive for a worker to buy so that is why the novel was published in separate instalments. For one episode it only cost 1 shilling for 32 pages, 2 illustrations and advertisements. Dickens wrote each instalment so that they ended with a cliff hanger which would make the reader want to read on and buy the next instalment. The gothic novel was a very popular type of fiction before and during the time that Dickens was writing. In these stories you would normally find mystery, doom, decay, old buildings, ghosts, madness and hereditary curses. These are the prominent features of many gothic novels. Dickens did not class himself as a gothic writer but he does use many gothic elements. In chapter 1, 2 & 3 Dickens has used crazed laughter, clanking chains, wind (especially howling), footsteps approaching and ruins or buildings. Dickens has a talent for creating memorable characters such as Mrs.Joe and Joe. Mrs.Joe has been made out to have “prevailing redness of skin” which indicates a devil and is always angry. The reader gets the image of her being mad and dangerous so be aware of her. Dickens has used another description of her having “black hair and eyes”. This indicates evil, violent and dark. Mrs.Joe gives the impression that she throws a deep, sharp look. Joe has a different description made by Dickens. Joe is made out to be more calm and understanding compared to Mrs.Joe. We

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