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Great Expectations is told by Pip himself, and it takes place in the 19th century England. The time Pip is growing up was a very busy time in England, as that was the time that the Industrial Revolution was taking place. Britain at the time was seen as a very rich and powerful country, and London was its main city. But the description that Dickens gave us was completely different. The first time Pip arrives in London, he stumbles into a public yard – where criminals were being punished and hung in public. Mr. Jaggers office is located close to the prison and when Pip arrives there he sees a long line of convicts and relatives, needing help from Jaggers. So, crime is all around Pip in London. When Pip arrives at Bernard Inn, he is shocked by how dark (light imagery-setting the scene) and dirty the hotel is. Dickens is very clever in his use of settings, in Mr. Jaggers office Pip sees a chair that looks like a coffin with nails located around it. This could be representing the harshness and cruelty of life. But when Pip visits Wemmicks house in Walworth, he immediately feels a sense of home and coziness. Wemmicks house has a fire on constantly, which make it warm and cozy, and light is rare in the world of Great Expectations. Weather is also a very important aspect of the novel; Dickens uses weather in Great Expectations to create a sad, gloomy mood. There are often severe weather conditions, such as storms-which usually foreshadow that something is about to happen. The weather seems to be tied to the plot and there are usually descriptive weather descriptions when something big happens in Pips life. Chapters 27 and 39, are filled with emotions and by then we are emotionally attached to the characters. Chapter 27 begins with a letter from Biddy informing Pip about Joe’s upcoming visit. Pip does not take the news as expected. He says, ‘’with considerable

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