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Compare the tension created in Chapter on of Great Expectations to that of 39 Great Expectations is a novel written by Charles Dickens. Great Expectations was first published. It was first published on the first of December 1860, and has been adapted to screen and play over two hundred and fifty times. Many people seem to think in Great Expectations that the narrator is Pip himself telling his own story which is basically true. Pip is a small frail young boy who is cared for by his older sister; a humourless heartless woman who is very cruel to pip as she treats him like shit. Pip aged 7 encounters an escaped convict while visiting his mother and farthers graves. The convict intimidates pip into stealing food from his own home for the convict. Later on in the novel Pip meets a girl called Estella as he goes to visit Miss Havisham , he falls in love with Estella and tries to impress her and become a ‘gentleman’ just for her. Pip inherits a lot of money and moves to London to get educated however he does not know where the money has come from, he suspects it was Miss Havisham as she is extremely wealthy. Magwitch (the convict) has been taking to jail however he shocks pip by turning up later in the novel at pips posh London apartment and announcing he is the person who give and provided the opportunities for pip to have the luxurious life style he is currently living causing mass confusion and almost hatred, however a feeling of overwhelming that a convict would do that for a simple stranger he barley knew or had no relation to him what so ever. In the opening chapter it was clear Pip was not an ordinary boy , his real name in fact was Phillip however he was unable to pronounce it so he stuck to the simple name Pip and was then on to be called Pip by his family and friends. Pip is an orphan living with his sister in south England in the marsh country. One

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