Great Depression Essay

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The Great Depression: The Worst Of Canada's Society Eric Xie February 21, 2014 Mr. Vander Meulen CHC 2D1-02 Outline The Great Depression brought out the worse in Canadian society. I. Introduction II. Government response a. Unaccustomed b. Bennett's Response c. New Deal III. Corruption in Society a. Cheating b. Horrible Living Conditions c. unmoral acts IV. Concession a. Relief payments b. Feeding the unemployed/homeless V. Unemployment a. Low Wages/ little jobs b. Deportation c. untouchables VI. Conclusion During the 1920s Canada's production in farm produce, forest products, and manufactured goods were at a all time high. Everything at this time was credit based in the 1920s and people became frightened of the credit-based expansion. On October 1929 the New York stock market crashed, this impacted Canada in a gruesome way as Canada depended on trade. People began to lose their jobs, and therefore have no money, and began to do unspeakable things in order to survive day after day. The government at this time attempted to do something for Canada during The Great Depression but did not do anything worth-while to help Canada's economy, but the things they did do resulted in a failure or did nothing. In Canada The Great Depression was particularly troublesome for Canada due to the unemployment in Canada where many lost their jobs and began to cause trouble across the country. Due to these factors Canada's society became corrupt and The Great Depression had brought out the

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