Great Depression Essay

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In 1929, many families were going through the greatest hardship that the United States has ever gone through in its time of being. My grandpa’s family was one of those families’s. My grandpa lived on a big farm in Illinois. My grandpa, his 3 bothers, and their dad had to take car of the 128 acre farm. They had to wait in lines just to get some everyday food such as flour, beets, corn, and bread. My grandpa grew corn, wheat, and lettuce. He said that his job was the hardest, but don’t we all think that our own is so hard. He had to plant, grow, water, pick, beat, grind into food, and plant the other seeds. He rarely got new shoes; it’s only when he could see most of his foot when he got them. They were that poor. The daily work schedule was get up eat a little bit then go to school, come home from school then go in the field until dark then come in and eat dinner. He said he repeated that schedule until it was winter then you had to find a few little jobs here and there to make money. As soon as the ground melted you would plant the seeds and wait. My grandpa said that he had men that would steal his food and he had to chase them for miles to get it back because they would lose money every time someone stole something. He had a couple times of year where the crops wouldn’t grow so his family wouldn’t have any money to put food on the table so they would have to skin the pigs and cows and eat their fat. That incident happened to them every couple years. Once he got out of high school he went off into the military. He was sent off to Germany, but on the way there he had an asthma attack so he was forced to come back to the U.

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