Great Britain Economic Dominance

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Great Britain Economic Dominance During the 1700s to 1830s nations started to learn how to control their power and how to advance with the materials they had. This allowed them to start making profit for the nation and to acquire good trade networks while expanding the ways they produced. Great Britain is that one nation that adapted and utilized what was in front of them. The answer to their success was their focus on pro-industrialization, a mass supply of natural resources, and their use of their colonies. Great Britain was the first nation to industrialize by around one hundred years. Having this big of a gap allowed them to completely dominate the rest of the world in means of production. Not only did Great Britain increase production as a result of the Industrial Revolution but they also were able to produce more products quicker and more efficient. Giving them more product for the required labor, which allowed the nation’s economy to grow because with the extra product they could use it for trade. Natural resources are the key to Great Britain’s economic dominance and success during the 18th and 19th centuries. Great Britain has a huge supply of coal and iron right under them. They were able to require these resources and since they had such a large amount of it they could use it for trade around the world. Coal is used to power almost all machines during this time, including machines in factories and people needed to run their factories in order for them to make their product to be traded and sold to others. Also to be able to make the machines to run the factory people needed iron. So Great Britain was setup for success because of such a high supply and demand for these resources, and because of Great Britain’s pro-industrialization they were able to quickly require the resources in order to ship to the consumers. Finally because of such a large
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