A Great Abolition Leader-William Lloyd Garrison

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A Great Abolition Leader William Lloyd Garrison was a good abolition leader. He would do everything in his power to fight against slavery. He established the abolition movement and served as president. Garrison never gave up on anything or his fight for slavery and he always stayed on top of things. People admired him and looked up to him as a leader. William Lloyd Garrison helped establish the abolition movement. For example, in the mid 1830’s Garrison’s abolition movement developed into a national movement. Newspapers about the movement started to spread across the nation (Tachkach 24). Garrison announced his mission about the abolition movement: “I will not retreat a single inch--- I WILL BE HEARD” (Tachkach 23). Garrison is going to follow through with what he said in his mission and with the movement. During the 1800’s, Garrison helped established the American Anti-Slavery Society with his fellow abolitionists and served as president for 22 years (Ohio History Central 1). This organization sent lectures across the North about slavery’s brutality (Ohio History Central 1). Garrison joined organization and did everything he could to fight against slavery. Garrison used different methods to talk to people about slavery. For example, he explained in the Liberator that slavery had to be eliminated through immediate emancipation of the slaves (Bates 1). Garrison believed that people who enslaved other people was a sin (Bates 1). Garrison had a plan to get rid of slavery. He thought the slave problem should be solved through “moral suasion” (Bates 1). With the use of petitions, speeches, newspapers, and pamphlets the public would turn against slavery (Bates 1). Garrison had different ideas about getting people to fight against slavery. Using different tools and techniques, Garrison got people to turn away from slavery. Garrison never gave up on

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