Greasy Lake Characterization

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Characterization “A Greasy Lake” The short story written by T. Coraghessan Boyle is the idea of creating energy by experimenting in spontaneous appalling actions. In the story the “Greasy Lake” the author portrays Digby, Jeff and himself as reckless nineteen year olds. Throughout, the story Tom Coraghessan Boyle talks like a rebellious teenager in the late 60’s and, also writes the entire story about the actions that he and his buddies were taking part in. The Author begins to describe the two characters; he states that they were both experts in social graces, quick with a sneer, able to roll up a joint as compact as a tootsie roll pop stick while going 85 miles per hour. The story was in early June, start of summer break in Tom mothers ’57 Chevy, mint condition. The author also helps paint the picture of the characters by explaining that it was the third night of summer break, and they were jumping from every idea until finding one that stuck for the night. They started, drinking, smoking, egging homes, and debating on party crashing until finally getting a lemon flavored gin and going to the “Greasy Lake” around 2 A.M. This is good start to the characters image of a badass because it shows that they were pretty much doing everything involving fun. When the actions of the characters start to pick up is when Tom the author begins to explain and give examples of the fight and aftermath. He states that during the fight that he ran over to get the tire iron out of his car. He also states that when he gets the tire iron he is constantly screaming motherfucker, and sees the older torn up man tearing Jeff off his back like it’s a piece of tape. Throughout this battle, the author chooses specific words such as a dirtbike in the wrong gear. He also uses many devices like once he splits open the antagonist ear with the tire iron he says “ the effect was

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