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Outline Throughout the story of Greasy Lake, the main character has an epiphany, or a sudden insight into the reality. This young teen, the protagonist, who narrates the story, is roughened up throughout the night with different events leading up to the event where he no longer cares to embrace the bad side of him. He just wants to survive and go home. TS 1.) The gang of friends believes that they are all “bad characters” and because of this have the right to do anything as they please. A.) “There was a time when courtesy and winning ways went out of style, when it was good to be bad, when you cultivated decadence like a taste.” (Boyle 168) B.) “Wearing torn up jackets, slouchy appearance with toothpicks in their mouth, sniffing glue and ether, and striking poses to show they didn’t give a shit about anything.” (Boyle 168) C.) “They were slick and quick and they wore their mirror shades at breakfast and lunch and dinner, in the shower, in closets and caves. They were bad.”(Boyle 169) TS 2.) These “bad characters” went a little too far on a stranger they had believed to be their friend, and soon realized the meaning of “bad.” A.) “It was early June, the air was soft as a hand on your cheek, and it was the third night of summer vacation.” (Boyle 169) B.) “Digby had leaned on the horn, laughing, and instructed me to put my brights on.” (Boyle 169) C.) “Sprawled in the dirt, like a fool, on one knee to comb the stiff hacked grass for the keys, his mind making connections in the most dragged-out way.” Boyle (169-170) TS 3.) Reality hits the main character as he completely hit rock bottom when he has to run into the lake and frantically hide in the muck of the water just to avoid the threat of the real “bad-greasy characters.” A.) “Because bad characters always kept the tire iron under the driver’s seat.” (Boyle 170) B.) “I was going

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