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Greasy Lake Greasy Lake, by T. Coraghessan Boyle, reveals a time where three teenage boys have an enlightened transformation as they go through a series of mistakes, repercussion, and reformation. The three friends, who have considered themselves “dangerous” and “bad boys”, realize that being "bad" is not anything like they imagined. After experiencing a night full of terrible misadventure, the boys realize that living a truly wayward and high-risk lifestyle is not for them. Boyle’s coming of age story explores a turning point of the young men’s road to maturity. The three boys in Greasy Lake go through a sequence of events which cause them to think differently about themselves; they go find themselves making mistakes, reaping the consequences, and experience an enlightened transformation. The main characters names are Jeff, Digby, and the other which is also the narrater, his name is unknown, so I will refer to him as Tom. The three boys are so obsessed with their fake personas that they displace who they really are. The three young men see themselves as bad characters, "We wore torn-up leather jackets, slouched around with toothpicks in our mouths, sniffed glue…we drank gin and grape juice, Tango, Thunderbird, and Bali Hai. We were nineteen. We were bad"(130). Yet, these boys had no idea what a bad boy was; they were not born in the slums, and were not self-sufficient tough guys who live on their own protocol. The boys are suburban teenagers are defiant and lean towards opposition in every aspect. The narrator, Tom describes his friends as "two dangerous characters", although Digby attends Cornell by "allowing his father to pay his tuition", Jeff contemplates Meeker 2 withdrawing from school to become a painter, and Tom drives his mother’s station wagon; clearly these boys have

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