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AP US History 24 November 2014 Conformity and Teen Life in Grease Grease is a movie/musical that was made in 1978 about two lovers in high school named Danny and Sandy. Conformity and teen life are two themes that are very prominent and recurring in this movie. The movie shows how conformity in the 1950’s affected the youth of America, as well as showing us about how they act and live. The movie does a good job of staying on track with the history we learned, but it also stretched the truth in some parts. As shown in Grease, many people were conformist in the 1950’s. Conformity is the idea that all everyone should have the same standards, rules, and laws. In the 1950’s, people tended to get the same refrigerator or other appliances as their neighbors, and the teenagers would all listen to Rock N’ Roll. In Grease, all the guys did their own thing as an attempt to look more tough or manly. The guys would exhibit conformity to become more unite and hopefully win over some girls. A key aspect for the guys was respect, the more they got the more popular they were. The girls showed a lot more aspects of conformity. They all wanted to smoke cigarettes or drink so they could seem cool. I feel like Grease did hit the personality and lifestyle of teens in the 1950’s quite well. Teens in the 1950’s were extremely conformist, just trying to fit in and go with the flow. Conformity is assisted a lot by peer pressure, and back then there was a lot of it. Grease shows how the impact on conformity has on a generation, some good and some bad. Teens experienced a life never before experienced. They had a lot of commodities as well as leisure items and other experiences their parents never had. In the movie there was a scene when the two gangs, the T-Birds and the Scorpions, took participated in a car race. Many teens drove cars when they turned 16. This was also shown when

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