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In the following argument the Dr. Karp states that the observation centered approach for understanding of child rearing tradition is invalid and advocates the use of interview centered method. He arrives at this conclusion after comparing his finding made using the observation centered method with those of Dr. Field. The author compares the findings of OC approach and IC approach only in case of Tetia village and then generalizes them to. However Tertia is not enough to invalidate the IC approach. There is a possibility that the IC would not have been effective in case of Tertia but could be effective in other cases. In order to invalidate the OC approach he must provide more evidence in the form of studies conducted by him or other scientists were the OC approach was found to be ineffective. If he can provide sufficient number of cases then we can conclude that his observation is true and this would strengthen the author’s position. Furthermore, he states that during the interview children spent more time in talking about their biological parents. From this observation he concludes that the children are now reared by their parents. However he does not shed light on the nature of the interview. The interview could have had several questions about the biological parents. The author must provide us with the questionnaire of the interview. Moreover, he does not mention the number of children interviewed. It is possible that a very small amount of children could have been interviewed which would not be representative of the entire population. Hence he in order to strengthen his argument he must provide us the statistical data pertaining to the number of children interviewed and questionnaire of the interview. In addition, Dr. Field’s research was conducted 20 years back, which a very long duration. It is possible that the child rearing practice could have changed in

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