Gray Gauger's Argument Against The Death Penalty

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Death Penalty is a Crime To use a lethal injection, electrocution, or gas to murder someone is a crime. This is what law enforcer’s use for the death penalty, also called capital punishment. Death penalty is wrong, and making someone suffer by causing them pain is not a good way for a punishment. The death penalty is racist; also some people that received the penalty were innocent. Our country’s money is being wasted on death penalties. Statistics prove that the majority of blacks are put on capital punishment; also the majority of the prosecutors are white. That just shows that the death penalty is used for racial reasons. Those who murdered whites were sentenced to death more than those who murdered blacks. When a black person murders another black, it’s barely seen that the defendant receives capital punishment. It seems like the systems only really cares about white murder victims. Receiving capital punishment for being a murder is wrong, even a criminal deserves to live their life. They will just have to life their life in jail. Giving someone the death penalty is murder so, that’s like saying the prosecutor should be…show more content…
Innocent people are getting murdered for a crime they didn’t commit. Gray Gauger was convicted of killing his parents but, after his conviction he was from innocent when the police heard the murders talking about the killing. Recently, Troy Davis was executed after convincing the judicial court he was innocent. There was no proof that he actually murdered the victim, and to this day the prosecutors don’t even feel guilty for executing the wrong person. To add to that most of the innocent people on death penalty were black. It costs more about a little more than 2 million for a person to receive the death penalty. It’s less money for a criminal to do life in prison. The government is trying to find so many ways to get money because our country is in dept, but how about ending capital
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