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Graves’ thesis in his article about the Western ‘race’ idea, postulates the origin of racial reality as a socially constructed proposition and lacking any true biological or primordial properties required for a rigidly taxonomic classification of human populations. Graves begins by vaguely alluding to some precursory historical takes on the subject, mainly his own, repeatedly citing himself as a reference from a previous publication. According to the author, both the concept of race and any subsequent taxonomy theories “were inextricably linked to social changes resulting from the European voyages of discovery”. As European explorers, warriors, colonial governors, etc. economically operationalized the world for their expansionist monarchs from the 16th to the early 19th centuries, an enslavement and conquest of native populations created a hitherto nonexistent system of…show more content…
Targeting the notorious Herb Spencer and Gregor Mendel, as well as the modern intellectual pariahs like J.P. Rushton, Herrnstein, and Murray, Graves attacks paleo-Darwinian relics by repudiating such arguments as “the supposed infertility of European settlers and Australian natives” –pg. 426 of the article handout. Further on, Graves continues with the broken record by mentioning the Third Reich, sterilization of non-Nordics, and eugenics programs. At this point, Graves’ article comes dangerously close to crossing the line between academic redundancy and likely unintentional plagiarism from somewhere else, as all of this has been propagated endlessly in thousands of publications. If I were Graves I would’ve titled the article ‘We All Bleed Red, Don’t We?’, mentioned Madison Grant, H.S. Chamberlain, and Hitler lots and lots of times and submitted it as a satirical piece to the

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