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Queensland police will be banned from accepting free or discounted fast food under new rules. The Queensland Police Service will introduce a revamped gratuities policy on July 1. Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson says free or discounted food will be banned. Currently, police are given half-price food and drinks at McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks, Subway, Coffee Club, Gloria Jeans, and many local food shops. Advertisement "The police department and I have the view those discounts at fast food places have had their day," Mr Atkinson told ABC Radio on Tuesday. He said he'd heard the Queensland Police Union wants to create a loyalty card providing discount deals for officers. "I'll have to wait and see if they'll do that and if that will circumvent the policy," Mr Atkinson said. The new policy also cracks down on so-called "blue-light taxis" where police cars are used to give officers free lifts home. "We don't accept ... police officers at a hotel having a few drinks should get a free taxi ride home," Mr Atkinson said. "There are circumstances where it is appropriate for officers to get a lift home. "For example, a detective in a country town has worked 24 hours straight and doesn't have his or her car at the office it's quite reasonable and I think the public will accept that person gets a lift home." He said police were entitled to free rail travel and that won't change as he believes it improves safety on trains. The reforms follow a Crime and Misconduct Commission investigation into allegations Gold Coast police did favours for nightclub staff who gave them free drinks and

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