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What do we humans ultimately strive for? Is it freedom, success, balance, love? Maybe the answer to this question will never fully be resolved. Although, something we can all agree upon is that we all strive for a ‘good life’ - happiness. A good life can sometimes be unclear though. Despite what the ultimate target in life is, perhaps there is a more important question; that is, what is the ultimate source of a ‘good life’? The most important element in achieving a ‘good life’ is gratitude. Gratitude is the ultimate source happiness. It is also the ultimate source of peace. Gratitude both achieves and enhances peace. It is also the only thing in life which has ultimate value. Firstly though, the idea of gratitude must be fully understood. An individual having the presence of mind to acknowledge and be appreciative for both his/her possessions and his/her state of being is what makes a grateful person. Gratitude is not an actual thing or state of being which a person can have, but it is a possible reaction to that thing or state of being. Gratitude can be both subconscious and conscious, but without this sincere appreciation for things, nothing is worth anything. For example, in the case of being wealthy, a person can either make worth of that money or make that money meaningless and worthless. The simple difference between the two cases is gratitude. The individual that makes money truly meaningless is the one who just sees the physicality of the bill or coins. He can spend that money, but he can never reach happiness because all he sees is the physicality of his possessions. In this circumstance the person sees things very superficially. In the other scenario, the individual looks beyond that superficiality of money and possessions by having gratitude. In this case, the individual feels happy, not merely because he has many possessions, but because he

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