Grass Is Greener Essay

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The Grass is Always Greener It might be difficult to understand how a person who gambles and loses everything just doesn’t stop. The problem is not that the person is addicted to gambling, but to winning. Humans are quick to repress pain and hold on to joy and happiness. Whether it’s losing money at the craps table, or being the object of a schoolmates joke, people push those memories to the far reaches of their minds. Adults can easily forget how difficult and challenging life is for teenagers. Teenagers today have lives that are full of stress, anxiety, and pressure to succeed. When focusing on a life of a teenager, the biggest problem he or she faces is peer pressure. Nothing has as large of an effect on a teenager’s life as peer pressure does. Teens have to deal with choices on taking drugs, drinking alcohol, sleeping with other people, often before they are ready to make the choices on their own. They feel the need to follow the crowd and not be a loner, making choices that may not be in their best interest. Those who choose not to follow the crowd risk becoming an outcast in the circle they may go in, making life for them even more difficult than it already is. Each new generation of teenagers seems to be accompanied with more and more days filled with school, extracurricular activities, homework, sports, and virtually no free time to relax and enjoy one’s youth. Study after study done on teenagers and their well being seem to keep finding that teens are getting less and less sleep, and their days are filled with too many activities. Experts say that since teens are in their most crucial years of development, they need more time to rest and relax, to help their bodies recover and grow properly. With schedules that are more and more pact with one activity after another, teens don’t have as much time to take care of themselves mentally and physically.

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