Grass Greener On The Other Side Essay

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today, im going to be talking about the 'grass being green on the other side'. Now i know i dont have to explain this expression to you because quite frankly, we've all been there. we all know what it means to look at another person and just wish we had what they had. It's not bad, its not unnatural, its a part of being human. We know it, everyone else knows it...even God knows it...that's y 2 of the 10 commandments asks us to not covet what others have. It is human nature to want what one doesn’t have. People may have this envious feeling subconsciously, not recognizing the peculiar longing that is occurring. It is hard to get rid of this feeling; to do so one would have to be completely satisfied with what they have. Has one ever heard of someone with this peace of mind? Undoubtedly there are very few who are free of this feeling of envy and longing. Why is that we "think" we want something that someone else has, yet we often fail to look in our own yards to see the many splendid blessings that we ourselves possess? Why is that we want to drive that expensive SUV, have the big screen tv's and fly off to exotic destinations, just as all the fortunate ones do? We seem to think that we need to have the high priced brand name clothes and expensive finery in order to feel good about ourselves, good about our lives. There does seem to be a sense of status, reaching greater limits. We are so often measured by what we have. There is nothing wrong with working hard to accumulate a few things in life. The problems arise when you lose focus of what's really important. We can become so complacent, that many of the things we already possess, seem to have little worth anymore. We find ourselves wanting more. Or, we might think that material gain should come just a little easier, without all the hard work and waiting on time. We fail to look at what we already have, with

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