grass greener Essay

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Since the world faced a crisis of nonrenewable resources extermination in future, especially Germany, Japan and Spain have focused on investing in cultivating of renewable energy. U.S government has been outdistanced in this industry, and these countries are already prepared to lead others. It is because they are more innovative than the others and the governments make good use of their talents and hard work well. Recently, U.S government spends a large amount of money to create green jobs, and China, Canada, France and Indonesia also try to recover their economics with green jobs. They believe a return to economic growth, release from global warming and disappearance of nonrenewable resources by the effect of the effort. The centre of American progress estimated that if the government spends $100 billion on development of green jobs, there would be additional 2 million jobs created. In case of Germany, this business sustains more than1.5 million jobs and the number could be doubled depending on how much the government makes efforts to the environmental technology. However, there is a problem with the business, seems like a perfect plan for both protecting earth and increasing a number of job, requires too much cost to progress the plan. Building and running wind- and solar-power plants cost more than current coal-fired ones, and using that renewable electricity may slightly raise the price of itself. As a result, it is mentioned that the higher energy price might create more unemployment. In my opinion, the economist seems to miss the fact that renewable energy sources are sliding down a learning curve, while the fossil fuel industries are climbing a depletion curve. This means that every dollar spent by government on clean renewable brings down the cost of future investment in each. Meanwhile every dollar the government spends on burning fossil fuels
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