Graphic Novel Analysis

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Creating a graphic novel allows one to explore the benefits and limits in using pictures with writing. Personally, I find more benefits than limits in writing graphic novel. For example, you are allowed to show much emotion through the pictures. The reader can look at the colors, the expressions, and the way the characters are spaced to understand what the writer is trying to convey. I also believe that because the graphic novel contains many pictures, the novel becomes more enjoyable for the reader. In writing my own graphic novel, I found that I was able to use color pictures to show the passions felt with the characters in the story. Using words and depictions, a graphic novel allows the writer to express more. For instance, Marjane Satrapi, the author of Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood, was not allowed to speak out against the Iranian government. Even though she lived in France and could not bear consequences, her family in Iran could still receive punishment for Satrapi’s use of words. Therefore, she communicated what she meant or how she truly felt through her drawings instead of her words. A graphic novel gives the author many advantages in writing. The use of pictures versus words allows for a greater amount of feeling, expression, and enjoyment to be conveyed to the reader. Opposite to the benefits, there also remain some limits in writing a graphic novel. One limit I discovered was the absence of description. With a typical novel, one reads many pages filled with words. This great use of words allows the author to elaborate in detail about their story, character, or other element of the novel. Even though the pictures conveyed a lot of emotion and further described my words, I felt that I did not have as much detail as I would normally put into a story. Without detailed descriptions, I felt my graphic novel was lacking a main element to any story.
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